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Refiguring more

Friday, March 15th, 2019 @ 12:32am

With the launch of my new studio site, there's no longer any reason for this site to have a typical portfolio structure. I've always envied people who manage to have personal sites that aren't much more than well-organized blogs, and I think it might be time to try that approach.

I'm not sure how I'll build the blog yet, or if I'll even build it myself, but I do know I'd like it to be much more lightweight than the current version of this site, which is almost goofily full-featured and heavily built with an older version of Craft CMS. Craft is powerful and would be a great solution for a lot of sites, but I've found it to be overkill for a modest personal site.

I've been feeling especially disheartened with the state of the web lately, and I think relaunching my oldest domain into a more classic and direct format might help me feel a bit less like part of the problem. Or something. And since I'm not really fucking with social media these days, save for sorta boosting my promotional efforts a bit on Dribbble, it might be fun to be looser and more regular with weblogging again.

I dunno. Stay tuned.